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Dr. Gerber discussing dietary guidelines on CBN network


  Watch my interview with health reporter Lori Johnson from the CBN television network. We discuss the decades old federal dietary guidelines advice to reduce dietary fat consumption among other things. Since that time we see increased caloric consumption (mainly from carbohydrates as sugar) and a strong associated rise in chronic conditions such as overweight, […]

Fat Reform Lecture at Natural Grocers


Please join me at the Natural Grocers, Colorado & Evans, Saturday 11/17/12 @ 1 pm for our next public lecture. Fat Reform: Obesity Food Politics and the Perils of Dietary Carbohydrates. Seminar Description: The government’s previous food pyramid and current food plate are supposed to support good health but Americans are getting sicker and fatter. Join […]

The latest results from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry

The latest results from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry

  See the latest results form from the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry. Atkins diet appears to be the most popular diet for weight loss.  These findings support the Carbohydrate-Insulin mechanism of metabolic disease and obesity, effectively treated with carbohydrate restriction. Since these results are self-reported, the question remains as to what exactly is defined as an Atkins diet? […]