Weight Loss Success Stories: Patrick

Meet our patient Patrick who lost 45 pounds



Hi, my name is Pat McNulty and I have been a radio and television announcer in Denver for 30 years; program director at the Jazz Station KADX, Mornings on KOSI, Mornings on the Classical station KVOD, and ten years doing middays and afternoons on KEZW. I’m also the voice you’ve been hearing on Channel 7 for the last fourteen years.

I stand six feet tall, weighed 185 pounds during my ‘buff’ days in college, got married in 1987 weighing around 200 pounds and slowly made it to 220 pounds over the next twenty years. Throughout my broadcasting career I received monetary offers to promote weight loss companies but didn’t like the idea of letting my listeners know I was over my ideal weight (hey, it’s radio – let the listener have a nice vision of me.) It’s interesting to note that all of my radio brethren who represented these companies regret it to this day. They meet new people, many years later, and the first thing the listener wants to talk about is the weight loss program they promoted…as they stand there 20-50 pounds over their “ideal” weight.

In 2009 I decided to leave radio because my home business (Word Construction Company – where I voice commercials and business videos) was taking off. In my new venture I decided it was time to take some other things off, like a few pounds, but I’d never been on a diet before because, in my mind, a diet was an equation that I didn’t want to ponder: DIET = STARVATION.

Then I met Dr. Gerber, and I liked his style. He wasn’t “do this or else,” he was “I’m on your side, let me help you shed a few pounds.” With his guidance I read up on the low carb, low sugar lifestyle and it’s been a piece of cake – and yes, I eat cake every so often. In fact, I eat whatever I want, it’s just that I pace myself. And it’s not salads and celery sticks all day long, (although I’ve found new twists on both that are fantastic) it’s meats and vegetables and omelettes and peanut butter and jelly and nuts – have you tried cinnamon almonds! – and crackers and cheese and…seriously I haven’t been hungry since I started this routine.

Another thing…I don’t like gyms. Tried it, didn’t like it. I’ve found that a few dumbbells and a couple of simple, quick exercises work just fine, along with a morning walk. It seems to be working…I lost forty-five pounds in seven months.

I have stayed just under 175 pounds since September of 2010, yes, including the holidays! (Side note – I recently tore a groin muscle and couldn’t take my morning walk for many weeks, but still maintained my weight)

And the best thing?

Thanks to Dr. Gerber I’ve figured out how to never be hungry, and maintain my current weight. Oh, did I mention that my cholesterol and triglycerides and all those other things that worry doctors are now in the ‘normal’ range.

Nice feeling.

So call Dr. Gerber today, there’s nothing to lose (except pounds and ‘unforgiving’ doctors.)


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