Weight Loss Success Stories: Paul & Janis

Paul lost 55 pounds, Janis lost 35 pounds together!

(Left) Before – (Right) After

(Left) Before – (Right) After

Hi. We are Paul and Janis. We were born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. We grew up on cheese steaks, hoagies, soft pretzels, pizza and a lot of other good Italian and Polish food. The problem was our weight. My weight ballooned to 224 lbs and my wife, well I won’t say or she’ll kill me. We both needed to reduce our weight.

After visiting Dr Gerber for our yearly check-ups, he suggested we try a low carb diet. The first couple of weeks were hard. We were used to having bagels for breakfast and pasta several times a week. But once we got used to eating the low carb way, it became easy. We were never hungry and didn’t have to count calories. Thanks to Dr Gerber, between the two of us we have lost 90 lbs. Also to my surprise all my numbers that doctors worry about were down in the normal range.

This was the easiest and most effective way to lose weight for both of us!

Paul and Janice